Air Cooled Steam / Vapour Condensers & Coolers

TESPL designs and manufactures air cooled steam/vapour condensers and coolers for various industries including steel, cement, pharmaceutical, sugar, paper mills and so on. The company has been the prominent Indian manufacturer of air cooled condensers that can perform wide range of operations for various industry applications.

TESPL designs and manufactures air cooled condensers for Condensation & cooling of Steam, Organic Vapours, Thermal Oils, Ammonia, Refrigerants etc. The condensation capacity falls in the range 2.5 TPH to 12.5 TPH for Condensation Temperature of 20°C above dry bulb temperature and Condensation pressure of 0.1 bar (a) to 0.2 bar (a) Condensation occurs in single module in TESPL make of air cooled condensers. The design variations include Finned Tube / Bare Tube design and “A” type / Vertical / Horizontal construction.
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