Biomethanation Plants

TESPL offers Biomethanation Plants in India through technology licencing agreement with BioenergieBeratungBornim GmbH, Germany.

TESPL offers customized Biomethanation Plants having single stage or two stage methanation process depending on properties of feed waste. TESPL offers Biomethanation Plants on the bio de-gradable wastes like fruits and vegetable wastes, poultry wastes, crop or agricultural residue, cattle wastes, hotel and kitchen waste.TESPL, through its expertise in reliability engineering ensures that the Biomethanation Plants offered produce consistent quality biogas and nutrient rich fertilizer. The biogas from the Biomethanation Plants can be used to partially or fully substitute energy requirements like, cooking LPG gas, steam, electricity, thermal oil and chilling. The nutrient rich fertilizers are used for agricultural purposes.

The Biomethanation Plants prove highly helpful for organisations to earn carbon credits as the methane has 21 times more Global Warming Potential than carbon dioxide.
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