Power boilers

TESPL offers Power Boilersand waste heat recovery steam generators in India & globally. TESPL has designed and manufactured the most competent power boilers in Indiaand overseas.

The various designs offered by TESPL include, power boilers like steam boilers, thermal oil heaters, hot water boilers, and waste heat recovery steam generators. The waste heat recovery based steam generators are custom designed to work on waste heat sources from process plants. The fired power boilers offered in India and overseas are custom designed equipments to suitably work on fuels like Fuel Oils / NG / Coal / Biomass, Industrial & Municipal Waste.

The Steam Boilers offered fall in capacities up to 290 TPH with pressures from 8 to 136 bar and Temperatures up to 535° C.

The Thermal Oil Heaters and Hot Water Boilers fall in the capacities from 1 MW to 174 MW.
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