The Group

The Transparent Group initiated in 1986 with foundation of Transparent Energy Systems Pvt Ltd., provides techno-economically solutions for conservation of energy and environment. With its diversified product lines handled through the business groups, Transparent Group of Companies provides a wide range of engineering solutions to varied sectors and industries.

Based in Pune, India and operating through its state-of-the-art manufacturing units located around Pune, the group has been offering products and services as per the changing needs of industries.

Transparent Group Companies

  • Transparent Technologies Pvt. Ltd. ( established in 1990 offers following products for various industries -

    • Flue Gas Desulphurization Systems
    • Industrial Dryers - Flash Dryers / Spray Dryers / Fly Ash Dryers / Coal Dryers / Fluidized Bed Dryers
    • Industrial Coolers - Spray Coolers / Bulk Flow Coolers
    • Paint Stripping Plants (Jig cleaning units)
    • Foundry Sand Reclamation Plants
    • Flash Calciners
    • Homogenizer
  • Transparent Pollution Control Private Ltd ( in 2005 offers following products for various industries -

    • Bag Filters
    • Cyclones / Multiclones
    • DeNOx / NOx Reduction Systems
    • Fume and Dust Extraction Systems
    • Solvent Recovery Systems
    • Venturi Scrubbers
    • Flue Gas Desulphurization Systems
  • Decimin Control Systems Private Ltd. ( in 2005 offers following Noise Abatement Products & Systems for various industries

    • Engine Exhaust Silencers – Gas & Diesel
    • Gas Turbine Stack Silencers
    • Steam / Gas Vent Silencers
    • Marine Silencers & Exhaust systems
    • Anti-Vibration Mounts – All-Metal type
    • Test Bed Acoustics
    • Engine House Acoustics
    • Acoustic Enclosures for Gen-Sets, Compressors, Machinery
    • Acoustic Doors, Louvers & Windows
    • ISO Containerized DG sets/ Compressors.