About US

Transparent Energy Systems Private Ltd., (TESPL) founded on 16th April 1986, offers customized end to end solutions through patented products and services. The company aims to provide customer specific, techno-economically viable and eco-sustainable resource conservation solutions in the areas of energy and water conservation.

TESPL has a well-equipped R&D centre recognised by DSIR, Govt. of India; which helps in staying ahead of competition through in-house research and development of technologies and manufacturing process.

Our R&D policy is focused on developing technologies and solutions that will improve the techno-economic viability of resource conservation opportunities. As we always strive for incessant improvement and progression in research, quality management systems, and manufacturing procedures, we maintain a consistent and direct control over product performance through meticulous monitoring.

We specialize in resource conservation through

  • Energy Efficient Boilers and Heaters
  • Industrial waste heat reutilisation
  • Energy efficiency improvement
  • CHP plants
  • Effluent water recycling
  • Integrated energy and water conservation

TESPL has a customer base extending from domestic to overseas clients. Our business philosophy is to stay ahead of competition through technology management in all areas. We also strive to give complete economic returns on the customer’s investment in products and solutions. TESPL guarantees higher product performance through effective technology management, latest manufacturing strategies and prompt support.

Over the years, the company has developed business collaborations and technology licensing arrangements with many renowned companies namely, Mattes Engineering GmbH, and Bioenergie Beratung Bornim GmbH (B3).

With an aim to invent futuristic solutions for a brighter tomorrow, TESPL is growing by leaps and bounds and delivering solutions to meet diverse challenges to make energy efficient and greener world.


To be globally recognized for path breaking sustainable development initiatives.


To develop and improve economically viable industrial processes for conservation of energy, water and environment.