Product Design and Engineering Philosophy

A. All the products of TESPL are designed, engineered and made for –

  • High Availability
  • High Thermal Efficiency
  • Least Spare Part Consumption
  • Least Service Cost

B. Design Basis and Philosophy –

  • TESPL follows the philosophy that an equipment/plant must be easy and friendly to operate and maintain, with minimum consumption of spare parts and need for service.
  • Every component, whether bought out or outsourced or manufactured inhouse, must fulfill the above requirement. TESPL selects vendors and suppliers who truly believe in the same philosophy.
  • TESPL neither follows any target for sale of spares/ services nor its products are designed for such objectives.
  • TESPL products are engineered to work reliably without needing an army of service franchisee.
  • TESPL products are engineered without compromising sound engineering principles and without keeping the pressure of “Target Sales Price” set by over ambitious purchase managers as well as competitor’s over aggressive sales executives.
  • TESPL products are engineered for those customers who believe in “Life Cycle Cost” philosophy.