Manufacturing Services


TESPL has been renowned for delivering tailor-made energy & water conservation solutions through reliability engineering, methodical system design approach and built in quality products through in-house manufacturing facilities.

The manufacturing facilities of TESPL are located in the vicinity of Pune. These facilities hold various certifications from accredited agencies & boards recognized globally for certifying manufacturing quality.

All the manufacturing units of TESPL are approved Boiler & Pressure Parts manufacturing units as per Indian Boiler Regulation 1950. The various certifications held by the manufacturing facilities enable TESPL to extend its services as Fabrication of ASME, EN, IBR Certified Pressure Vessel Manufacturer, ASME & IBR certified Heat Exchanger manufacturer etc.

The above credentials enable TESPL to offer following manufacturing services

  • High pressure boilers & heat exchanger manufacturing as per IBR & ASME
  • Pressure vessel manufacturing
  • Piping & ducting fabrication for critical process applications in oil, gas, solvents industries.
  • Precision manufacturing as per requirement of above products
  • Structure fabrication

Being a ASME & IBR Certified Pressure Vessel Manufacturer and ASME & IBR certified Heat Exchanger manufacturer, TESPL manufacturing facilities are equipped with high class equipment & machinery to impart quality to products.

More than two decades of experience in manufacturing a variety of pressure vessels, heat exchangers, high efficiency boilers etc. TESPL is a highly reliable fabrication service provider.