Manufacturing Services

Integral Finned Tubes

Integral finned tubes are manufactured by rolling process on plain tubes. During finning operation, the inside diameter of the plain tube is reduced and helical fins are rolled on the tube wall. Integral finned tubes are available in ferrous as well as nonferrous materials.


  • Integral Low Finned Tubes
  • Integral Medium High Finned Tubes
  • Low Finned Tube U Bends
  • Low Finned Tubes with internal rib
  • Low Finned Tube Coils
  • Corrugated Tubes


  • Heat transfer per meter of tube on the outside is equal to the heat transfer per meter on the inside.
  • The intermediate un-finned section and un-finned sections at both ends help to slip the integral finned tubes in to the tube-sheets of shell and tube heat exchanger in a manner similar to plain tubes


  • Compliant with quality standards, ASTM, SB111, SB-359, SA-213, SA-213M, SA-450, SA-450M.
  • Stress relief annealing of non-ferrous fin tube on in-house electric conveyor belt furnace.
  • Stress relief annealing of ferrous fin tubes as per specifications provided if required by client at additional cost.
  • 100% tubes tested for leakages by pneumatic pressure test (air under water) or hydro test as per specifications and customer requirements.


  • Combination of lower fin height and more fins per meter maintains the general ratio of 1:1 fin height to fin spacing.
  • Doesn’t require higher tube pitch therefore, doesn’t require shell size higher than shell of bare tube heat exchanger.
  • Improved heat transfer coefficient and rate of heat transfer as compared to conventional finned tube designs.
  • Compact design of heat exchanger having lesser weight and size.
  • Improved tube life.


  • Power Plants
  • Heat Recovery Steam Generators
  • Petrochemical Industries
  • Marine Applications
  • Refrigeration Applications
  • Economizers
  • Gas Coolers
  • Condensers and Evaporators
  • Oil Coolers
  • Shell and tube type heat exchangers handling media such as water, steam, oils process air, gases etc.
  • Other various Heat exchanger applications