Hot Air Generator


AIRPACK-SF(D) is a most super-efficient solid fuel fired hot air generator.


  • High Thermal Efficiency of 98% on NCV for direct fired which gives large savings in fuel cost.
  • AIRPACK-SF(D) gives large savings in fuel cost as compared to hot air generation using Steam/Thermic Fluid based Radiators. This is due to elimination of heat transmission and steam condensation losses.
  • Low fly ash generation
  • Fully automatic mechanized fuel feeding system & combustion air control to ensure high thermal efficiency.
  • Controlled suspended particulate matter (SPM) levels in flue gas / process air

Fuel Net Calorific Value **(kcal/kg) Direct Fired Fuel Consumption (kg/Mkcal)
Wood Chips 3800 268.53
Bagasse 1900 537.06
Biomass Briquette 3500 291.55
Rice Husk 3000 340.14
Coconut Shell 4100 248.88
Indian Coal 4000 255.10
Imported Coal 4800 212.59


  • Capacities - 0.1 to 10 Million kcal / hr
  • Direct Fired AIRPACK-SF(D) Temperatures up to 650° C Thermal Efficiency: 98% on NCV of fuel


AIRPACK – SF(D) solid fuel fired hot air generators are used in various industries where process heating with air is required. Mixing type or direct type hot air generators are used in industries where drying with air is required such as ceramic industry.