Hot Air Generator


AIRPACK is a most super-efficient gas/oil fired hot air generator.


  • High Thermal Efficiency of 98% on NCV for direct fired which gives large savings in fuel cost.
  • AIRPACK-OG(D) gives large savings in fuel cost as compared to hot air generation using Steam/Thermic Fluid based Radiators. This is due to elimination of heat transmission and steam condensation losses.
  • Refractory-less construction gives a long life of AIRPACK-OG(D) with minimum maintenance.

Fuel Thermal Efficiency on NCV of Fuel Net Calorific Value Density Fuel Consumption (per Mkcal)
Furnace Oil 98% 9710 kcal/kg 0.950 kg/l 110.62 l
LDO 98% 10210 kcal/kg 0.826 kg/l 120.95 l
HSD 98% 10280 kcal/kg 0.831 kg/l 119.43 l
LSHS 98% 9710 kcal/kg 0.950 kg/l 110.62 l
Waste Oil 98% 8000 kcal/kg 0.900 kg/l 141.72 l
Natural Gas 98% 8500 kcal/Sm3 0.740 kg/Sm3 120.05 Sm3
Byproduct Hydrogen Gas 98% 18798 kcal/Sm3 1.115 kg/Sm3 54.28 Sm3
LPG 98% 11500 kcal/Sm3 0.512 kg/Sm3 88.73 Sm3


  • Capacities - 0.1 to 10 Million kcal / hr
  • Direct Fired AIRPACK-OG(D) Temperatures up to 800° C Thermal Efficiency: 98% on NCV of fuel


AIRPACK-OG(D), oil and gas fired hot air generators are used in various industries where process heating with air is required. Mixing type / Direct type hot air generators are used in industries where drying with air is required such as ceramic industry.