Hot Water Generators

Aquawarm SF

AQUAWARM SF is a super-efficient hot water generator having 84-87% thermal efficiency based on net calorific value (NCV or LHV) of solid fuel.


  • High thermal efficiency of 84-87% based on net calorific value (NCV or LHV) of fuel.
  • Fully automatic mechanized fuel feeding system & combustion air control to ensure high thermal efficiency.
  • Controlled suspended particulate matter (SPM) levels in flue gas.

Fuel Net Calorific Value **(kcal/kg) Fuel Consumption (kg/Mkcal)
Wood Chips 3800 302.48
Bagasse 1900 604.96
Biomass Briquette 3500 328.41
Rice Husk 3000 383.14
Coconut Shell 4100 280.35
Indian Coal 4000 287.36
Imported Coal 4800 239.46


  • Capacities: 0.1 to 10 Million kcal/hr
  • Temperature: Up to 180° C


AQUAWARM SF, solid fuel fired hot water generators can be widely used in process heating applications in various industries such as automobile, textile, etc.