Hot Water Generators

Aquawarm Superplus

AQUAWARM SUPERPLUS is a super-efficient gas fired hot water generator having 98% thermal efficiency based on net calorific value (NCV or LHV) of gas.


  • High thermal efficiency of 98% based on net calorific value (NCV or LHV) of fuel and 84% based on gross calorific value (GCV or HHV) of fuel.
  • Systems available in both variants Horizontal and Vertical construction

Fuel Thermal Efficiency
on NCV of Fuel
Net Calorific Value Density Fuel Consumption
(per Mkcal)
Natural Gas 98% 8500 kcal/Sm3 0.740 kg/Sm3 120.05 Sm3
Byproduct Hydrogen Gas 98% 18798 kcal/Sm3 1.115 kg/Sm3 54.28 Sm3
LPG 98% 11500 kcal/Sm3 0.512 kg/Sm3 88.73 Sm3


  • Capa cities: 0.1 to 10 Million kcal/hr
  • Temperature: Up to 180 °C


AQUAWARM SUPER PLUS, gas fired hot water generators can be widely used in process heating applications in various industries such as automobile, textile, etc.