Steam Boilers

Greenstar Super

GREENSTAR SUPER is a super-efficient gas / oil fired boiler having 98% overall thermal efficiency based on net calorific value (NCV or LHV) of gas /oil. GREENSTAR SUPER has four-pass configuration, two passes of smoke-tube type main boiler and has two-pass smoke tube configuration and the third and fourth pass in the form of economizer and water pre-heater, as heat recovery units, to achieve maximum thermal efficiency. GREENSTAR SUPER is the most compact and lightweight smoke tube boiler, most suitable where space availability is very limited.


  • 98% overall thermal efficiency based on net calorific value (NCV or LHV). The 98% overall thermal efficiency results in large fuel savings.
  • This gas / oil fired boiler GREENSTAR SUPER has optimized configuration of heating surfaces and tube sizes for efficient operation of the boiler.


Fuel Net Calorific Value Density Fuel Consumption (per ton of steam)
Furnace Oil 9710 kcal/kg 0.950 kg/l 59.7 l
LDO 10210 kcal/kg 0.826 kg/l 65.3 l
HSD 10280 kcal/kg 0.831 kg/l 64.5 l
LSHS 9710 kcal/kg 0.950 kg/l 59.7 l
Chicken Oil 10098 kcal/kg 0.900 kg/l 60.6 l
Waste Oil 8000 kcal/kg 0.900 kg/l 76.5 l
Natural Gas 8500 kcal/Sm 3 0.740 kg/Sm 3 64.83 Sm 3
Hydrogen Gas 18798 kcal/Sm 3 1.115 kg/Sm 3 29.31 Sm 3
LPG 11500 kcal/Sm 3 0.512 kg/Sm 3 47.91 Sm 3


Steam Output (F&A 100°C) 1 Ton/hr to 34 Ton/hr or Higher
Safety Valve Set Pressure, bar(g) 10.54 / 17.5 / 21.0 / 25.0 or Higher 
Maximum Steam Temperature  Dry & Saturated Or Superheated 
Thermal Efficiency  98% on NCV/LHV of Fuel 
Steam Generation Control  Step-less Modulation 
Combustion Control  Step-less Modulation 
Draft Control  Step-less Modulation 


GREENSTAR SUPER is an Oil and Gas fired boiler, with 98% overall thermal efficiency, and it is widely used for industrial process heating applications.