Steam Boilers


STEAMSTAR-BFG is a super-efficient steam boiler, specially designed for lean gases such as blast furnace gas (BFG) and corex gas and it has 95% overall thermal efficiency based on net calorific value (NCV or LHV) of fuel. STEAMSTAR-BFG has GREENSTAR external refractory lined furnace with smoke-tube type main boiler and economizer as a hea recovery unit to achieve maximum thermal efficiency. Superheater can be included whenever required. The external refractory lined furnace has in-built jacketed air-preheater which reduces heat losses from furnace. It also preheats the combustion air and enhances the flame stability. The balanced draft system with furnace draft control ensures that lean gas fuel does escape into boiler house.STEAMSTAR-BFG operates on 100% BFG or lean fuel gas combustion without support fuel requirement, except at cold start.

Technical Specifications:

Superheated Steam generation Capacities : 1 Ton/hr to 32 Ton/hr or Higher

Safety Valve Set Pressures : 10.54 /17.54 / 21/ 25 Kg/cm2 (g) or Higher

Fuel Suitability : Lean fuel gases such as Blast Furnace Gas, Producer Gas, etc


STEAMSTAR-BFG is Blast furnace gas fired boiler, with external refractory lined furnace is widely used for industrial process heating applications such as Vacuum Degassing in steel plants.