Vapor Absorption Refrigeration

Ammonia Absorption Refrigeration Plants

AARP for Gas or Liquid fuel based Captive Cogeneration Plants

Waste heat utilization using AARP greatly improves Cogeneration System efficiency from typically 30 - 45% to 70 - 90%. AARP for Cogeneration plants utilizes heat rejected (waste heat) from Reciprocating engine or Gas turbine to produce refrigeration. This is done in following ways.

Exhaust gas of Reciprocating engine genset is typically in the temperature range of

  • HFO Engine Genset: 325 °C
  • Gas Engine Genset: 350 °C to 600 °C
  • HSD Engine Genset: 350 °C to 550 °C

This heat is recovered and can be used to drive AARP for Cogeneration Plants which can give refrigeration temperatures as low as -55 °C.

Engine Jacket hot water heat is used to drive hot water driven AARP for Cogeneration Plants. The typical temperature range of this hot water is 80 °C to 121 °C (above 100 °C, it is called ebullient cooling). The AARP for Cogeneration Plants running on this hot water gives temperatures of +3 °C to -10 °C.

The heat from exhaust of Gas Turbine is recovered to drive the AARP. The typical temperature of Exhaust gas ranges from 450 °C to 550 °C and AARP can give refrigeration up to -55 °C.