Vapor Absorption Refrigeration

Ammonia Absorption Refrigeration Plants

AARP for Pasteurization of Milk

  • AARP for pasteurization of Milk can fulfill combined heating and cooling demands in dairy when operated on Agro Fuel Fired Boiler.
  • Pasteurization of milk involves heating and chilling of milk in predetermined cycle. Also there are other chilling loads such as milk cold storage. There are additional heating loads such as ghee or butter boiling, milk can washing etc.
  • The diagram below shows a typical refrigeration cycle of AARP for pasteurization of milk.

    AARP for Pasteurization of Milk
  • Conventionally in a small scale dairy industry (typically 50000 lit/day milk handling capacity), the heating of milk is done by an oil/gas fired hot water generator or steam boiler and chilling is done by a electrically driven compression cyclerefrigeration plant coupled to an Ice Bank Tank. The rising cost of fuel oil as well as electric power has increased the cost of milk processing substantially, adversely affecting the viability ofsmall scale dairy plants.
  • A bio-mass / Coal fired steam boiler / Hot water generator combined with use of AARP for refrigeration substantially reduces the cost of milk processing. Modern pollution control equipments such as cyclone separators and or bag filters are provided for clean and smoke-less exhaust from Boiler.
  • This way, AARP for pasteurization of Milk becomes as excellent value proposition for dairy.