Vapor Absorption Refrigeration

Ammonia Absorption Refrigeration Plants

AARP V/s Compression Cycle Refrigeration Plant

The following table gives comparison of AARP V/s Compression Cycle Refrigeration Plant for refrigeration applications. AARP is a more reliable refrigeration solution as compared to compression cycle refrigeration plant.

Ammonia Absorption Refrigeration Plant Compression Cycle Refrigeration Plant
Low Running cost on cheap fuels like Agro Fuels, Furnace Oil and Waste heat. High Running Cost due to Electricity as Energy Input.
Very low maintenance costs due to no reciprocating parts having high wear & tear. High maintenance cost.
High plant availability due to no reciprocating parts (only one Centrifugal pump is moving part which has standby). Frequent outage on plant needs standby compressor.
No loss of efficiency at part load. Efficiency improves at part load. Loss of efficiency at part load due to fixed mechanical losses & motor electrical losses.
No fouling of Evaporator surfaces due to lubricating oil. Possibility of fouling due to lube oil on evaporator surfaces.
Small size standby D.G. Set is sufficient. Large D.G. Set needed on standby.
Outdoor installation, hence low civil & structural costs. Indoor installation is needed due to electrical systems.
Low foundations costs due to no reciprocating parts. High foundation costs due to reciprocating compressors.
Long life of plant of at least 25 years. Low life of Compressor.
No loss of efficiency with usage. Loss of efficiency with usage due to compressor parts wear & tears.