Vapor Absorption Refrigeration

Ammonia Absorption Refrigeration Plants


Key features of Ammonia Absorption Refrigeration are

  • Ammonia Absorption Refrigeration ideally fits into the concept of Integrated Energy Systems such as Cogeneration involving combined generation, Heat refrigeration & Power (CHRP Plants) on various fuels like Biomass, Coal, Natural Gas, Heavy Oil etc.
  • Biomass / Solid Fuel based / Low cost steam heat driven AARP
    • Low cost steam heat driven AARP is the first choice of refrigeration on low cost steam / heat produced from fuels like biomass / coal / heavy fuel oil / natural gas or renewable sources like solar, geothermal etc.
    • Due to increasing cost of petroleum fuels, majority of the process industries are rapidly shifting their focus towards steam generation on Agrofuels / coal to bring down cost of steam generation.
    • Having reduced cost of steam, Low cost steam heat driven AARP working on steam becomes the next logical energy conservation stage which eliminates electricity driven energy consuming Refrigeration Compressors which also need high downtime for maintenance.
  • Ammonia Absorption Refrigeration Plant is excellent energy conservation system to convert waste heat into useful refrigeration.
  • Ammonia Absorption Refrigeration Plant earns Carbon Credits, reduces CO2 emission tax and promotes sustainable development initiatives through energy conservation.
  • Ammonia Absorption Refrigeration Plant uses Ammonia which is known to be one of best ecofriendly refrigerants as it replaces hazardous ozone depleting CFC Refrigerants.
  • Ammonia Absorption Refrigeration Plant has wide operating range of +5°C to –55°C.
  • Ammonia Absorption Refrigeration Plant has extreme reliability and very low maintenance because it has no moving parts except a dependable centrifugal pump.
  • AARP has long life of at least 25 years. Many plants are in operation for more than 40 years.
  • AARP with air cooled heat rejection
    • The unique and most exclusive technical feature of AARP is it can be operated on air cooled Heat rejection. This is great boon for water starved countries. No other absorption technology has this advantage. Therefore, worldwide and particularly in India AARP has very large potential.
      AARP with air cooled heat rejection systems can be of two types
    • Type 1 AARP with air cooled heat rejection – Using Air cooled remote radiators for heat rejection. The heat from cooling water is rejected in Air cooled fan assisted heat exchangers. The condenser and absorber of AARP is water cooled.
    • Type 2 AARP with air cooled heat rejection – Ammonia condenser is direct Air Cooled and Absorber is cooled by air cooled remote radiator as in type 1.
  • Design & Material of Construction
    • Heat Exchangers as per AD Merck blatt
    • Factory fabricated assembled and modular in construction. Therefore site work is minimal.
    • Operating settings can be changed without change of hardware Components.
  • Safety & Reliability
    • Reliable control instruments for proper monitoring of various parameters and interlocks
    • System is controlled through full proof (fool proof?) PLC based control.
  • Capacity & Operating Control of Parameters for Fluctuating Loads & Other Parameters
    • System can modulate without loss of efficiency over 30 to 100% capacity.
    • Systems can work automatically even on 0 to 100% load variation.
    • System restarts quickly on supply of electric power even after interruption of 20 to 30 minutes and power failure for 20 minutes.