Vapor Absorption Refrigeration

Ammonia Absorption Refrigeration Plants

Ammonia Absorption Refrigeration Plants


TESPL offers vapor absorption refrigeration plants better known as Ammonia Absorption Refrigeration Plants (AARP) with technology from Mattes Engineering GmbH, Germany ( This technology for ammonia absorption refrigeration from Mattes Engineering GmbH is proven for more than 80 years.

Ammonia Absorption Refrigeration process proves to be a techno-economically viable as it runs on low-grade heat energy. Ammonia Absorption Refrigeration Plants i.e. vapor absorption refrigeration plants working on Ammonia-Water pair, are extremely reliable in operation due to absence of moving parts and have noise less operation. Integration of AARP with waste/recycled heat makes it further economical in operation. The vapor absorption refrigeration plants i.e. Ammonia Absorption Refrigeration plant, when integrated with co-generation systems reduce the cost of refrigeration to a large extent.

Technical specifications

  • Ammonia Absorption Refrigeration plants have a wide operating range of +5 to -60 degrees
  • Near design efficiency even up to 30% part load operation
  • Has a standard capacity from 5TR to 1000TR, customized models are also available in India.


The Ammonia Absorption Refrigeration Plant finds its use in various industries like

  • Food refrigeration
  • Cold storage
  • Fertilizer and pesticide plants
  • Refineries and chemical plants
  • Meat and fish processing
  • Diaries, ice and ice cream plants
  • Freeze drying
  • Brine cooling
  • Vapor ammonia recovery in chemical processes


TESPL offers all of the following standard models of AARP for Industrial Refrigeration.

Model Temperature Range Capacity Range Remarks
AK 250 ±0 to -30°C (-40°C) 200-400 kW Prefabricated Standard Absorber
AK 400 ±0 to -30°C (-40°C) 350-500 kW Prefabricated Standard Absorber
AK 600 ±0 to -30°C (-40°C) 400-800 kW Prefabricated Standard Absorber
AK 1200 ±0 to -50°C (-60°C) 1600-800 kW Modularized Absorber
AK 2000 ±0 to -50°C (-60°C) 2600-1600 kW Modularized Absorber

Refrigeration Capacities & other parameters operation mentioned in above table for standard models of AARP for industrial refrigeration are indicative only. Exact values depend on various parameters like Heat Source Temperature, Cooling water temperature, Refrigeration temperature etc. Exact technical specifications are application specific and are offered on case to case basis.

Refrigeration capacities higher than AK 2000 are met with multiple standard models of AARP for industrial refrigeration installed in parallel or with custom designed plants.