Vapor Absorption Refrigeration

Ammonia Absorption Refrigeration Plants

Cold Storages driven by AARP

AARP for cold storages offers unique techno-economic advantages such as following

  • Conventionally cold storages are driven by Compression Cycle Refrigeration Plants. The rising electrically cost and poor availability of electricity has adversely affected the viability of cold storages. The cold storages for vegetables, agro-products, fish and meat products are generally located in remote and agriculturally rich area. The cost of electricity dominates the running cost of cold storage.

    AARP for Cold Storages
  • Use of AARP for Cold Storages reduces the total electricity requirement substantially. A small DG set is adequate for auxiliary power needs of cold storage.
  • The bio-mass and other agro-fuels available locally can be used to drive AARP for Cold Storages. The operating cost and maintenance cost of the cold storage is therefore very low.
  • Use of AARP for cold storages allowsstoring wide range of products at different temperatures.
  • Any other simultaneous refrigeration load such as Ice Plant or Milk Chilling can be met with the same AARP of cold storage.
  • Cold Storages on Waste Heat Driven AARP have further lower costs of operation for similar applications.
  • Cold Storages on Waste Heat Driven AARP work on low grade heat such as engine jacket water.
  • Cold Storages on Waste Heat Driven AARP can also work on steam produced by waste heat recovery steam generator on engine exhaust gases.