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Waste Heat Utilization by AARP for Ice Production, Cold Storage and Brine Chilling

There are many unutilized industrial waste heat sources like Incinerator or Furnace hot gases process waste heat etc.Also many industries such as steel mills, textile spinning mills, generate waste heat. It is possible to do waste heat utilization by using AARP for Ice Production, for driving a cold storage and by using AARP for Brine Chilling.

Waste Heat Utilization by AARP for ICE Production Cold Storage Brine Chilling

Heat is rejected from captive power plants to atmosphere both through exhaust gas & jacket cooling water.A Heat Recovery Steam Boiler or Hot Water Generator can be installed to recover such waste heats from these exhaust gases. AARP for Ice production and AARP for Brine Production have unique advantages,

  • The steam / heat output from the exhaust heat recovery Boilers is then used for driving an AARP for ice production (block ice). This ice can be sold as a by-product to bulk as well as retail consumers in the local area such as dairies, fisheries etc.
  • Alternatively, AARP for Brine Chilling and for driving a cold storage of suitable capacity can be operated using the exhaust heat.