Waste Heat Recovery


WHRS for Steel Plants

WHRS for Steel Plants

TESPL offers Turnkey Waste Heat Recovery Power Plants (WHRPP) and Waste Heat Recovery Systems (WHRS) for Steel Plants on hot exhaust gases from various sources. There are various processes used in the Steel Plants. The nature of these processes offers various challenges for waste heat recovery.


  • Steel Melting Furnaces such as Electric Arc Furnace (EAF), Energy Optimizing Furnace (EOF), Induction Furnace etc.
  • Annealing Furnaces
  • Sinter Coolers
  • Coke Oven
  • Sponge Iron Kiln


  • Generation of electricity by Steam Rankine Cycle power plant
  • Generation of electricity by Organic Rankine Cycle power plant
  • Chilling up to +6 °C
  • Refrigeration up to -60 °C
  • Waste water Recycling
  • Combination of above


As opposed to other heat sources, these furnaces pose unique challenges for WHRS and turnkey WHRPP for Steel Plants. Some of these are due to the process parameters of the heat source itself. The technology offered by TESPL overcomes these challenges.

  • Extremely fluctuating temperatures and gas flows in some of the heat sources
  • High dust content
  • Requirement of steady output in spite of fluctuations in the input
  • Controlling process parameters while applying waste heat recovery system

Superior Features

The Exclusive Features of super-efficient Turnkey WHRPP and WHRS for Steel Plants offered by TESPL are as under:

  • Steady output from WHRS irrespective of wide fluctuations in input parameters
  • In-house developed patented technology specially designed to handle high dust laden gases from exhaust of the Electric Arc furnace.
  • The system is designed such that it will ensure steady & continuous power generation even during idle time of the arc furnace/ EOF.
  • The Waste Heat Recovery System will be installed in such a way that it ensures that the process does not get affected by abrupt stoppage of WHR system.
  • State-of-the-art instrumentation and controls have been provided for easy operation and maintenance of the Waste Heat Recovery based Power Plant.
  • System reduces Energy cost and improves productivity.
  • System reduces CO2 Emission and earns Carbon Credits.
  • Supports sustainable development initiatives.
  • Lowest payback periods & highest life cycle earnings.
  • System is fully automatic, simple to operate & maintain.
  • The implementation of work can be done in phases.