Waste to Energy

Biomethanation Plants



Biomethanation of biodegradable wastes is the most eco-friendly and techno-economically sustainable way of energy generation from Biowastes.

Biogas is a Methane rich fuel with methane content up to 70%. The net calorific value of Biogas is about 5115 kcal/m3 while density is 1.2 kg/m3. Biogas is generated during degradation of biowastes by fermentation and the process is called as Biomethanation. Complex biowastes are converted into biogas through the 4 step process shown underneath.

TESPL offers the most optimum technology to provide maximum benefits after thorough study of properties of biowastes and client’s process plant needs.Technologies offered by TESPL for Biomethanation Plant are,

  • Biomethanation/Biogas Plant with Single Stage Technology Single Stage Technology is suitable for easily biodegradable biowastes.
  • Biomethanation / Biogas plant withTwoStageTechnology Two stage technology is suitable for unsegregated difficult to degrade biowastes. Two stage technology is offered to suit the degradation properties of biowastes.
  • Modular type Packaged Biomethanation/Biogas Plant

Comparative Study of Traditional Methods Vs. TESPL Biomethanation Plant

S. No. Importance Traditional Plant TESPL BGBF Plant
1 Methane % Up to 50% 60 – 70 %
2 Hydrolysis No/ Partial No/ Partial
3 Microorganisms Random Enriched consortia
4 Process control Nature controlled Controlled
5 Process Destabilized Stabilized
6 Metabolism Shocks More Nil
7 Digester size Based on HRT Based on HRT with optimum solid %
8 Blocking of Digester Frequent Never
9 Foam formation More NiL
10 Plant Operation Batch type Continuous

Composition of Biogas

Typical Composition of Biogasachieved in TESPL’s biogas plants depending on feed properties is,

Component Composition (v/v)
CH4 60 – 70 %
CO2 35 – 45 %
H2S 0 – 5000 ppm
H2O 1 – 5 %
NH3 0 – 500 ppm
Dust (< 5 mm) Nil

Biogas Up-gradation

Depending upon its intended use, Biogas obtained from above process is up-graded further with suitable processes.

Energy generation from Biowastes

The various ways of energy generation from biowastes by producing biogas are,

  • LPG or natural gas substitution
  • Electricity generation
  • Process Integrated Cogeneration
  • Chilling
  • Wasterwater Recycling
  • Biofertilizer