Waste to Energy

Biomethanation Plants



TESPL is the most reliable biogas plants supplier in India offering process integrated and reliable biomethantion (biogas) plants through technology tie-up with BioenergyBeratungBornim GmbH, Germany coupled with TESPL’s own engineering expertise.

Why generate biogas?

  • Substitutes LPG Partly or Completely
  • Can substitute other energy requirements like, steam, electricity, thermal oil and chilling
  • Generation of fertilizer with high N,P,K value as a by-product
  • Eco-friendly disposal of bio-waste at its source
  • Builds brand image
  • Reduces greenhouse gas emissions


The fact that properties of biowastes available in India vary from those found elsewhere offers following unique challenges while designing biogas plants.

  • Consistency in Composition of Biogas generated
  • Source dependent composition of biowastes
  • Atmospheric conditions
  • Collection & storage of biowastes
  • Energy demands of process plant
  • The process integrated biogas plants offered by TESPL overcome all of the above mentioned challenges. This makes TESPL as reliable biogas plants supplier in India


    TESPL offers following services to meet client’s requirements of process integrated biogas plants

    • Biogas Biofertilizer plant based on German Technology
    • Pilot production plant trials offered on chargeable basis
    • Conceptualization and planning of Biogas Biofertilizer Plant
    • Detail Engineering, Manufacturing of system
    • Hook up of the plant
    • Project co-ordination
    • Final Commissioning
    • Performance testing
    • Manpower training

    A methodical system design approach and reliability engineering practices deployed by TESPL while designing process integrated biogas plants makes TESPL a reliable biogas plants supplier in India