Waste to Energy

Waste to Energy Plants

We offer turnkey solutions for waste to energy projects. Our services include conceptualization, TEV study, basic engineering, detailed engineering, manufacturing, procurement support, start-up services and operator training.

Important features of the waste to energy solutions offered by us are –

  • Complaint with Solid Waste Management Rules 2016.
  • Completely enclosed fully mechanized warehouse maintained under negative pressure.
  • Warehouse air used as combustion air for incinerator and for generating Hot Air for MSW dryer.
  • MSW shredder to achieve uniform size and MSW dryer for drying wet MSW if needed.
  • Specially engineered combustion grate to suit properties of input MSW / RDF.
  • Properly distributed primary and secondary air supply reduces possibility of unburnt carbon in ash.
  • Self-sustaining combustion system.
  • Provision for firing solid fuels as supplementary fuel to ensure minimum flue gas temperature of 850°C and 2 sec residence time required for complete destruction of dioxins & furans.
  • Enhanced power generation
  • Efficient Flue Gas Cleaning System for removal of acid gases such as HCl and SO2 and removal of mercury, dioxins and heavy metals.
  • Equipped with online real time Continuous Emission Monitoring System (CEMS) with Data Logging facility.
  • Continuous & online public display of emission values.
  • Fully Automatic system operated by SCADA.