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Concentrate Disposal

Concentrate Disposal

Concentrate disposal system is an integral part of zero liquid discharge system. It essentially means disposal of dissolved and suspended solids present in effluent wastewater in environment friendly manner. TESPL offers reliable & energy efficient optimum solutions for Concentrate disposal and valuable solids recovery. These designs are customized in nature to suit requirements of process plant and depend largely on properties of wastewater. Solids recovery for reuse in process plant largely depends upon the properties of wastewater and purity requirements of the process. Solids recovery for disposal of solids at approved landfill sites is the most commonly preferred option for concentrate disposal.

The most attractive features of the concentrate disposal systems offered by TESPL are

  • Fully automatic systems
  • Solids recovery for Landfill or process reuse
  • Complete Odor Destruction to keep the surroundings clean
  • Optimization of operation cost
  • Customized Design