Water Conservation and Recycling

Zero Liquid Discharge Systems

Distilleries & Breweries

Distilleries & Breweries are one the most intensive consumers of water. Water is one of the key input raw materials in these industries. The large quantity of this water having high COD & BOD values is discharged from the process plants. The most commonly used treatment for this wastewater is biomethanation for generation of biogas. The biogas partially fulfills energy requirements of the Distilleries, Breweries through combustion in existing power boilers of cogeneration power plants. The spent digestate from biogas / biomethanation plants requires further treatment to achieve zero liquid discharge which an essential requirement for continuous operation of Distilleries, Breweries & Sugar Mills. The unique properties of spent wash offer several challenges for continuous operation of Zero Liquid Discharge Systems for Distilleries & Breweries. TESPL offers an in-house developed innovative solution of process integrated Zero Liquid Discharge Systems for Distilleries & Breweries having following advantages

  • Reduced System Downtime
  • Reduced generation of spent cleaning solutions
  • Reduced power & energy consumption for water evaporation
  • Process integrated Zero Liquid Discharge Systems for Distilleries & Breweries with most optimum utilization of energy
  • Water recovery for process reuse
  • Value generating disposal of recovered solids
  • Continuous online real time monitoring of all vital performance parameters
  • Fully automatic operation