Water Conservation and Recycling

Zero Liquid Discharge Systems


TESPL is a leading Turnkey solution provider for zero liquid discharge systems in India with process integrated energy and water conservation approach. TESPL offers water conservation solutions to industries in various sectors through unique & customized designs of Zero Liquid Discharge Systems. Characteristics of wastewater vary from industry to industry. Therefore, TESPL offers tailor-made designs of Zero Liquid Discharge Systems.

Recycling water is essential to cater to increased water demand due to increasing Urbanization, industrialization, reduced rainfalls, depletion of natural resources, prevention of water pollution and social obligation. Disposal of waste water spoils natural water bodies and offers health hazards. Recycling water saves fresh water consumption, Water Treatment costs, Boiler and Cooling Tower blow-down losses, Loss of production & revenue due to forced closures by pollution control board. Last but not least, water recycling reduces public liability costs, promotes public goodwill, brand image & recognition in society through employee motivation, business growth and improved productivity.

As a turnkey solution provider for zero liquid discharge systems in India, TESPL believes in the corporate social responsibility towards conservation of natural resources such as energy & water and delivers commitment to the same through performing solutions for zero liquid discharge. TESPL deploys methodical system design approach through energy & water conservation consultancy services.

The zero liquid discharge systems offered by TESPL comprise of superefficient multistage evaporators followed by concentrate disposal system. TESPL has in-house expertise in designing multistage evaporators through optimization of energy requirement to optimize cost of water recovery. TESPL holds two Patents for these super energy efficient designs of multistage evaporators.

TESPL offers effective concentrate disposal systems at the tail-end of zero liquid discharge systems such as to achieve complete and environment friendly disposal of solids present in wastewater.

TESPL offers energy & water conservation consultancy services to arrive at the optimal solution of zero liquid discharge systems. These include,

  • Energy & water conservation consultancy services to carry out feasibility study & DPR preparation
  • Design & Supply of Multistage Evaporators, Concentrate Disposal Systems and complete Zero Liquid Discharge Systems,
  • EPC Contracting

TESPL has executed several path breaking process integrated energy & water conservation projects in concept to commissioning manner. This makes TESPL a leading turnkey solution provider for zero liquid discharge systems in India.

We offer ZLDS for following industry applications –

  • Automobiles
  • Cement and Steel Plants
  • Chemical Industry
  • Commercial Complexes
  • Dairy Industry
  • Distilleries and Breweries
  • Food Processing Industries
  • Pharmaceutical Industry
  • Textiles and Dyestuffs