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Transparent Energy Systems Pvt Ltd offers zero liquid discharge systems to reduce make-up water consumption through water recovery and reuse. The zero liquid discharge systems offered by TESPL are tailor made and the entire process has three distinct phases -

  • Pre-treatment - The feed from effluent treatment plants present in process plants is suitably pretreated prior to supplying to multistage evaporator.
  • Concentration - This phase involves multi-stage evaporation for concentration of effluent and recovery of water for recycling in the plant.
  • Concentrate Disposal - The concentrate from multi effect evaporator is supplied to the concentrate disposal system for solids recovery. The recovered solids are recycled in the plant either as raw material or fuel. The inorganic and hazardous solids are disposed of in an environmentally friendly manner at approved landfill sites depending on their properties.
    The salient features of zero liquid discharge systems offered by TESPL are
  • Sustainable Utilization of resources for Zero Liquid Discharge (ZLDS)
  • Optimized capital and operation cost through process integrated cogeneration systems with water recycling
  • Reliable and energy efficient evaporation systems with in-house developed patented technology of energy requirement optimization.
  • State of the art instrumentation for online real time monitoring of vital performance parameters with data logging facility
  • Reliable engineering practices & methodical approach of system design through study of wastewater properties & process requirements
  • Reliable control systems designed to impart fully automatic operation and consistent performance
  • High quality water recovery for process reuse.
  • Highly customized and tailor made systems
  • Easy to Retrofit
  • High product and condensate quality

TESPL is a ZLDS supplier in India deploying a unique approach (C.E.C.I.C.) for the optimum design of process integrated cogeneration systems with water recycling. The CECIC approach is;

  • Conceptualization for most optimum design
  • Engineering for reliability & design validation
  • Coordination for timely delivery & documentation
  • Inspection for quality assurance
  • Commissioning for performance

The methodical approach towards execution of zero liquid discharge projects makes TESPL a unique ZLDS supplier in India.